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We are a boutique law firm primarily providing for the needs of successful individuals and international families. We strive to develop and protect our clients’ wealth across both the old world and emerging markets.



Our Team


Private CLIeNTS

We are recognized as a leading private client firm in the Gulf and beyond. We have extensive experience advising successful individuals and international families on a broad range of wealth structuring issues, including structuring of operational assets (e.g. companies, joint ventures), structuring of non-operational assets (e.g. real estate, intellectual property, yachts and aircrafts, art), establishment and registration of wills (including with the DIFC WPR) and administration of estate.
We work closely with families who are contemplating establishing, or have already established, a family office to organize and preserve family assets and to implement inter-generational wealth transfer strategies and vehicles. We regularly advise families setting-up a family office on all issues related to family constitutions, family governance and succession. We are also solicited by families to review existing family structures and operations and provide guidance on how to improve them.
Our specific know-how and personalized approach to clients make our firm the niche partner of choice for multiple intermediaries throughout the wealth management industry, private banks, law firms, trust entities and multi-family offices worldwide, for their clients’ Middle East requirements.

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We provide creative and results-oriented tax advice on a wide range of domestic and cross-border issues, including direct and indirect tax matters, tax structuring and restructuring, private equity and venture capital. We routinely conduct tax audits of existing structures to ensure that they meet the purpose for which they were initially set-up and, when required, provide guidance on how to improve them.
We also have extensive international experience advising successful individuals and their family members with multi-jurisdictional interests to mitigate their tax exposure.
We are well connected with relevant tax authorities and are particularly knowledgeable about the use of double tax treaties. We also advise on related disclosure/exchange of information programs arising out of UAE's numerous international tax treaties.

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We have an established reputation and substantial track-record of successfully assisting clients in securing residency in the UAE and other attractive tax jurisdictions, as well as  alternative residency permits in safe jurisdictions away from geopolitical turmoil.
We get personally involved all the way to make a process as stress-free as possible.
Bringing together our Tax and Private clients expertise, along with the broad capabilities of our fiduciary sister entity, we can support our clients in all aspects of their immigration.
Our team also provides bespoke advice and assistance in securing alternative citizenship through various citizenship-by-investment programs.

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Corporate & commercial

We advise numerous small and medium enterprises in a wide range of sectors at all stages of their commercial development. We count a large number of start-ups and emerging companies amongst our clients; we particularly enjoy helping them taking their local business to a global level.
Our services include advice in relation to corporate structuring and restructuring, ongoing corporate administrative matters and governance, drafting shareholder‘s agreements and assisting with employee matters and immigration issues.
We also assist with the drafting and negotiation of a broad variety of commercial arrangements and related legal documents, including sales & purchase, franchising, distribution, agency, joint venture and service agreements.

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Sports law

Our unique Sports law practice has been recognized as the best of its kind in the region, and is yet another value-added service offering for our clients.
We act for a broad array of clients including professional athletes, agents, clubs, associations and federations, and we have significant expertise advising on all sport-specific legal aspects, such as endorsement, sponsorship and merchandising agreements, image and broadcasting rights, regulatory issues, anti-doping compliance and dispute resolution.
All members of our Sports Law team have competed at the international level prior to donning a business suit. We have an unparallel industry knowledge and experience in the field as a result. [Image Credit: Michele Ferrario]

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